13 Benefits of Lingerie

13 Benefits of Lingerie

August 31, 2019

13 Benefits of Lingerie

by Ania White 


I’ve always loved lingerie. I’m drawn to the delicate laces that create mesmerising patterns on my skin, and the feeling of smooth silk wrapped around my body is rousing and also somewhat comforting. I love the feeling of putting on a beautiful bra and knickers in the morning and styling my outfit with my lingerie in mind. Whether I choose to show a little off from beneath a top, or wear it just for myself, it makes me feel beautiful and mysterious and brings a little extra excitement to my day. 

For me, lingerie is more than just beautiful laces and sensual silk. It's a gateway to accepting and loving my body and feeling worthy of attention, whether that’s from myself or someone else. We’re constantly bombarded with messages around releasing body shame, which don’t get me wrong serves a great reminder to not be so harsh on ourselves, but actually feeling confident in your own body takes more than someone telling you you’re perfect the way you are. 

Of course, the process of loving oneself is different for everyone, and I’m not saying lingerie is the answer to self-acceptance, but one thing for certain (I believe) is the fastest way to be more accepting of your body is to focus on the things you already love. And that’s what lingerie helps me to do. It helps to draw my attention to the parts of my body I feel great about. I love the way a soft-cup bra gently sculpts my boobs, or how a strappy brief frames my butt. Beyond that, I choose my lingerie based on how I’m feeling that day. If I’m more into my feminine energy I’ll wear a delicate lace set from Tisja Damen, or I feel my more of my assertive masculine side coming out I might wear something more structured from Bordelle or RAVEN + ROSE.

The important thing is to invest in good quality lingerie that is well designed. Most of the pieces in our collection are designed with heavily adjustable straps around your underbust, waist and hips to ensure you get a smooth and personalised fit. If you’re unsure of your size, contact us here and we’ll help you to choose the right pieces for your unique silhouette.

Whether you wear it for yourself or for someone else really doesn’t matter. Wearing lingerie can bring so much pleasure and many other wonderful benefits to the relationship with yourself and others. What it gives you might be different from what it gives me, but here are 13 other reasons why I choose to invest in and wear lingerie on a regular basis.

It gives me daily pleasure.

It inspires me.

It gives me a sense of individuality and allows me to be creative by mixing and matching pieces and styling them with my outfits. 

It makes me feel magnetic.  

It gives me a sense of freedom. 

It helps to break down boundaries that no longer serve me.

It gives me an inner power that no one else knows about. 

It allows me to escape reality and channel my alter ego/s. 

It helps to fulfil certain fantasies. 

It makes me feel womanly. 

It’s part of my self-love practice. 

It stimulates my sexual energy on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean I use that energy on sex. That energy fuels my creativity, gives me confidence and motivates me to keep going with personal and work projects. 

The industry is filled with so many inspiring women that are pushing the boundaries of style and seduction. Meeting these women and hearing their stories has introduced me to so many new ways of thinking and has helped me to explore and discover parts of myself that I didn’t even know existed, and that I now love.


Convinced? Here is a selection of my favourite pieces that I wear every day. They combine beautiful design with exceptional craftsmanship and comfort so you don’t have to compromise on style. And, if you look after them, these are the types of pieces that'll last you years.

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