Introducing: The Eos Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand

Introducing: The Eos Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand

March 11, 2019

Introducing: The Eos Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand

by Ania White 


When I first heard about crystal pleasure wands I was pretty skeptical. On the one hand, I do believe in the energetic benefits of crystals and their ability to help us tap into our deeper selves. But on the other hand, I thought why the fuck would anyone want to stick a cold, hard piece of rock up their pussy? I’ve also never really been into vibrators or dildos and have always preferred using my hands (or shower head) to self-pleasure.

But my curiosity got the better of me and I was keen to try something new so I thought fuck it, why not? There are only ecstatic orgasms to come out of this right?

Let's just say the experience was unlike any other and I have been converted! Which is why I wanted to share my experience and some tips with you so you too can experience the pure and wholesome pleasure of the Eos Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand.

The whole experience of using the Eos was quite ritualistic. There’s around 12 hours of preparation involved before you can use it for the first time - cleansing it, charging it in the sun and/or moonlight, setting an intention. But don't let that turn you off. This might all sound a bit 'woo woo' but doing all of this actually made me feel more sexually empowered and removed any prior shame I felt about self-pleasuring. I was taking control of my sexuality and taking conscious steps towards opening myself to pleasure. 

So, my Eos is cleansed, charged and ready to go. Usually, when I self-pleasure it’s a pretty thoughtless act of just 'getting it done'. But with my wand, I wanted to create a calm and relaxing space where I could go on an erotic journey and really submit to pleasure. I closed the blinds, lit some scented candles and played some soft, soothing music.

Laying completely naked on the bed I first placed the wand over my heart space. Rose quartz is known for opening up your heart chakra which is important for 2 reasons: it helps you to feel deeply connected to yourself and the energies around you, and it allows you to experience unconditional love by transcending your ego. Both really important if you want to open yourself up to having mind-blowing sex with yourself! Also, the wand being a crystalline object is initially quite cool to touch so by holding it against your heart space first, you can begin to warm the crystal with your own body heat.

Once I felt ready, I began gently gliding it down my body towards my yoni. The first stroke against her was still quite cool and it made me gasp. But it was a soothing coolness that I enjoyed and brought all my attention to what I was feeling between my legs. Using a little saliva as lubrication, I began to glide the wand over my clit and inner lips giving the whole area a gentle massage. The feeling was sensual, delicate and insatiable. My breath became shorter and my heartbeat was growing stronger.

I felt like my whole body was going to explode. My Divine Feminine had risen and her energy was pulsing through my veins.

The journey from here is actually really hard for me to articulate. Using the wand to massage my internal walls, g-spot and cervix I felt like my whole body was going to explode. My Divine Feminine had risen and her energy was pulsing through my veins. I felt electric, a little dizzy and really wet….

The orgasm was, of course, mind-blowing and took my breath away. I lay on the bed in savasana, completely blissed out and allowed my body to come back to neutral and take in all the benefits of my self-pleasure practice.

My focus with self-pleasuring was previously always goal-oriented. It was always about ‘the big climax’. But what I realised with using the Eos is that it’s actually not about that at all. Sure it’s amazing to feel that climax at the end, but in all my years of self-pleasuring, I’ve been ignoring the incredible orgasmic energy that runs through your body throughout the whole practice. And it’s so energising, liberating and healing when you finally tap into it.

That energy stayed with me all day and later I had deep, passionate, mind-blowing sex with my husband.

Self-pleasuring with the Eos is a very intuitive process that requires you to really listen to how your body is feeling and what it wants. My best advice for using it is to just roll with it. There's no right or wrong way to self-pleasure with the Eos. Everyone has a different pathway to arousal so do what works for you. And, even if you’re not typically ‘into’ crystals, trust me when I say there is something about using a crystal pleasure wand that makes you feel so deeply connected to your body and allows you to freely access your divine sexual energy. It’s truly a magical experience.

Getting started with the Eos Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand

Image @tinamariaelena

1. Cleansing 

When your Eos arrives, first cleanse it in warm soapy water. Remember to use a pH neutral soap so as not to disturb your yoni's flora. 

We'd also recommend (but not necessary) soaking your Eos in a warm salt bath for a few minutes to energetically cleanse your wand so that there isn't anything blocking it's natural healing properties. 

2. Charge it 

The Eos is carved from 100% natural Brazilian Rose Quartz which carries powerful vibrational energies that stimulate love and acceptance. (When I say vibration, I don't mean actual, physical vibrations like a vibrator, but more energetic.)

To charge your Eos, leave it on your window sill (or somewhere that gets natural sunlight) for the day allowing your wand to absorb the energy from the sun. We'd also recommend doing the same the whenever there's a full moon. The moon gives off potent healing and cleansing energy which is perfect for resetting and recharing your Eos each month.

3. Playtime

The Eos will be quite cool to touch so start by holding it up against your heart space or anywhere against your body to warm it up. Allow yourself this time to tune into your body and start to become more mindful of your self-pleasure practice. It's also a great opportunity to connect with the energy your wand is emanating. 

You can also wrap it in a warm towel for a few minutes if you prefer. 

If you need to use a lubricant, I'd recommend using salvia, organic coconut oil or your preferred lube. 

From here, take it slow and do what feels good for you. Play around with a few different sensations and strokes to see what makes your toes curl. There's no right or wrong, just have some fun with it! 

At the end of your self-pleasure practice, I'd recommend lying down in savasana for a few minutes to feel the orgasmic, feminine energy running through you and to allow your body to absorb the full benefits of your practice. 

4. Clean it

Always wash your Eos after use with a pH neutral soap and warm water. 

Store it in the pouch it's sent in and keep it in a safe place. 


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